Main areas of research at the Department

Research at the Department focuses on the following areas:

  • Musical culture in Ostrava in the 20th and 21st century
  • Studies of regional musical culture (musicology, music education, the legacy of major regional figures)
  • Violinists and violin teachers in Ostrava (V. Kuzník)
  • Composers at the Ostrava centre of the Association of Musicians and Musicologists (AHUV)
  • The musical culture of Ostrava’s former German population
  • History of music education in Ostrava from the end of the 19th century to 1945
  • Current issues in music didactics, music pedagogy and music psychology
  • Aspects of undergraduate training for future music teachers
  • Methodology of music teaching texts
  • Typology and didactic uses of music in films
  • Romipen in the context of music education
  • Ethnic music and its use in music education
  • Folklore in music and dance, folklore in music education
  • Artistic and pedagogical interpretation of music in a historical and contemporary context
  • Issues of interpretation in regional contemporary piano music
  • Issues of choral teaching and choral conducting, interpretation of choral works
  • Musical terminology in an English-speaking environment
  • Archetypal analysis and interpretation of musical works
  • Ancient myths as a subject of musical works
  • Symbolism in music

Updated: 13. 02. 2018