Research Initiatives at the Faculty

Priority Research Initiatives at the Faculty of Education

  1. Human Movement and Health (team leader: doc. Mgr. Daniel Jandačka, Ph.D.)
  2. Educational Media (team leader: doc. PhDr. Zuzana Sikorová, Ph.D.)
  3. The Czech Language in Education (team leader: doc. PhDr. Diana Svobodová, Ph.D.)
  4. Probing the Musical Culture and Regional Subcultures with Music Historiography, Music Pedagogy and Aesthetic Theory (team leaders: doc. PhDr. Jiří Kusák, Ph.D., prof. PhDr. Karel Steinmetz, CSc.)

Specific Means Taken to Support the Faculty’s Research Output

On one hand, these include conceptualizing the Faculty’s research, i.e. a clear definition of the research orientation, and on the other, financially supporting the research.

  1. The establishment of the Dean’s fund for the sustainability of the Faculty’s research which is in accordance with the University of Ostrava’s main research initiatives.
  2. The establishment of the Dean’s fund supporting the perspective research initiatives carried out at the Faculty of Education.
  3. The establishment of the Dean’s fund supporting research at the Faculty, mainly connected with other priority research initiatives at the Faculty of Education.
  4. Financial support of successful full-time students of the doctoral study programs from the stipendiary fund.

Updated: 30. 05. 2018