Department of Music Education

The Department of Music Education offers a 3-year Bachelor’s degree in Music Education and a 3-year Bachelor’s degree in Choral Conducting (both preparing graduates to work in the education system). The degrees cover a broad spectrum of fields ranging from instrumental and vocal skills to music theory, the history of Czech and international music culture, musical aesthetics, musical psychology and sociology, music teaching and didactics.

The Department offers three 2-year Master’s degrees: a teacher training degree for lower secondary-level teachers of music, a teacher training degree for upper secondary-level teachers of music, and a degree training choral conductors for secondary schools and music schools. These programmes all place particular emphasis on didactic aspects of music teaching.

The Department also teaches music education courses for a number of other degree programmes at the Faculty: training degrees for future primary teachers (full-time and part-time studies), training degrees for future school assistants, and training degrees for future preschool teachers (also full-time or part-time).

In addition to its Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, the Department also offers a doctoral programme in Music Theory and Pedagogy.

An integral part of the Department is the Centre for Studies of Regional Musical Culture, which acts as a platform for the Department’s research. The Centre brings together staff from the Department as well as colleagues from partner institutions. Its research focuses on musical culture in Ostrava’s wider region, its sources of inspiration and its role in national and international musical culture. Researchers also explore the connections between the region’s musical culture and specific features of the region – including the key role played by music in the cultural life of border areas, cross-border contacts between different national musical cultures (Czech, Polish, Slovak, and formerly German), and related issues of multiculturalism in music and musical culture. Other fields of research involve regional approaches to music education and new trends in music education – including music teaching didactics

Updated: 20. 01. 2020