Guidelines for Authors of Submissions

Submissions will be registered by the editors upon the receipt of the electronic versions of the texts. The editors will send a confirmation email to each contributor. If necessary, the editors will request a hard copy (one copy to be used as a revision template sent to the postal address of the Executive Editor: .

A separate Author's Declaration must be added to the submissions to be reviewed, which will include the author's name, contact address, e-mail, or contact telephone number. The length of the peer-reviewed study should range from 12-15 pages in a given template (including further requisites). Occasionally, for major programme papers, the editors may allow up to 20 pages of text in the template.

Unreviewed texts are created and submitted in agreement with the editorial office, which determines their topic and scope.

Texts should be written using the peer-reviewed or non-peer-reviewed paper template and sent to the editor no later than September 30 of the calendar year.

Updated: 24. 03. 2022