Main areas of research at the Department

Research at the Department corresponds to its specialization in Czech studies from both the subject and didactic points of view. The research initiative Czech in Education includes in particular:

  • the level of reading skills of primary school pupils using the eyetracking method;
  • linguistic aspects of spoken communications by Czech users and analysis of their shortcomings;
  • the phenomenon of literacy, directly related to the education of language professionals in the field of education;
  • the culture of spoken expressions of speech professionals and various types of communication, including school and family communication;
  • current changes in the Czech vocabulary, including the latest developments;
  • reading of school-age children and the formation of reading literacy of primary school pupils;
  • interpretation of texts in literary education at primary school and evaluation of reading books as a specific type of textbooks;
  • values in the field of literature from the point of view of readers, including the didactic potential for teachers;
  • intermediate relations between literature, music and film;
  • the topic of quality of literary works for children.

The results of their research activities are published by members of the Department in individual and collective monographs and professionally recognized peer-reviewed and databased journals in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The Department's grant activities focus on the TAČR project Development of a diagnostic battery of reading comprehension for pupils in the 2nd grade of primary school (2020–2023) and follow-up activities in cooperation with primary schools and pedagogical-psychological counselling centres.

The international projects focus on research mobility projects of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Reflections on Czech and Wider Czech Awareness among Viennese Czechs (in cooperation with the University of Vienna, Austria, 2020–2022) and Analysis of Specific Deficiencies in Czech Communications of Polish Czech Users (in cooperation with the University of Wroclaw, Poland, 2020-2022) also appear to be very promising and can be followed by other international projects and especially publication outputs. The research cooperation of three universities is represented by the project Orthoepy of West Slavic Languages (Visegrad Fund – Visegrad Grants, 2019–2021) in cooperation with the University of Warsaw and the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra.

In addition to lectures under the auspices of the Linguistic Association and the Literary Society, the Department organizes an annual international conference Didactic Impulses Conference (DIDAI), where, in addition to Czech and foreign experts, many doctoral students also present the results of their research.

Updated: 01. 11. 2021