Main areas of research

Research at the Department focuses mainly on issues related to the professionalization of art education in schools at all levels (preschools, primary and secondary):

  1. The Department has been conducting longitudinal empirical quantitative research since 1993, gathering quantitative data on individual and institutional conditions in undergraduate teacher training programmes for future primary school teachers of creative and technical/vocational subjects (art, music and drama education, technical/vocational education) in the context of other school subjects.
    • Quantitative pilot analyses and theoretical investigations also focus on training for teachers of art education at preschool and secondary level, and at primary art schools).
    Research coordinator: PhDr. Danuše Sztablová, Ph.D.

  2. In 2015 a research team consisting of PhDr. Danuše Sztablová, Ph.D., Mgr. Milan Cieslar, PhD. and Ing. Libor Jedlička began work on the project “Characteristics of visual reception and production in relation to the internal language of recipients and artists”. The project investigates selected issues using eye-tracking equipment, focusing on developing skills among future art education teachers at lower secondary, secondary and primary art schools.
    Researchers: PhDr. Danuše Sztablová, Ph.D., Mgr. Milan Cieslar, PhD., Ing. Libor Jedlička

  3. Staff at the Department also conduct research into art history, avantgarde and post-avantgarde art, new media, visual poetry, conceptualism, concretism, intermedia and comics.
    Research coordinator: doc. Mgr. Jakub Guziur, Ph.D.

  4. The Department also cultivates close links (research, creative work, mobility) with partner institutions abroad via bilateral agreements and the Erasmus+ programme (Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, USA).
    Coordinators: Mgr. Pavel Forman, M.A., Ph.D., Mgr. Tomáš Koudela, Ph.D.

Updated: 16. 02. 2018