Department of Visual Arts Education

The Department of Visual Arts Education offers a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education for Secondary Schools and Primary Art Schools (full-time studies), followed by a Master’s teacher training degree in Art Education for Secondary Schools and Primary Art Schools.

The Department also participates in a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education with Focus on Teaching/Education (full-time studies, in a double-major combination with another degree subject at the Faculty). Graduates of the Bachelor’s degree can continue their studies in two Master’s teacher training degrees in Art Education – for lower secondary and upper secondary level. As part of these degrees, students can choose an area of creative specialization (drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic art).

The Department also teaches courses in art for a number of other degree programmes at the Faculty: teacher training degrees for future primary school teachers, teacher training degrees for preschool teachers, and Special Pedagogy (all either full-time or part-time studies).

The degrees taught by the Department qualify students to work as art education teachers at secondary, primary and primary art schools; they also enable graduates to pursue careers at other institutions (e.g. cultural and educational centres). The teaching combines a solid theoretical basis with a strong practical component, enabling students to creatively apply their skills and knowledge in all aspects of art. Graduates of the Master’s degrees are also well equipped to participate in research.

The Department organizes courses, symposiums and workshops for existing teachers and members of the public. It also participates in grant-funded research, cooperating with partner institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad. Staff from the Department play an active role in a number of professional institutions, including INSEA, the Council for Art Education, and the Association of Art Education Teachers. The Department runs the Student Gallery at the Faculty of Education.

Updated: 30. 01. 2018