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Biomechanical loading of the lower limbs during landing: Development of landing mats
Project IdTQ03000365
Main solverMgr. Pavel Brtva, Ph.D.
Period1/2024 - 12/2025
ProviderKatedra studií lidského pohybu, Technologická agentura ČR
AnotationIn recent years there have been changes in the rules for the construction of impact surfaces (EU standards, FIG rules). The mats are therefore made of different materials and are constantly being developed. However, previous studies have reported that these standards and the testing of new types of mats do not respect the repetitive mechanical loading of the lower limbs. In this project, we aim to develop an optimal structure of the landing mat that reflects the musculoskeletal response based on empirical data by using sophisticated biomechanical analysis during testing of novel impact surfaces. Differences in kinetic and kinematic variables that are associated with potential risk of injury during landing phase on new types of impact surfaces will be measured.