Department of Human Movement Studies

The Department of Human Motion Studies teaches all courses in kinanthropology for degree programmes throughout the University of Ostrava.

The core degree programme at the Department is Physical Education and Sport, which currently consists:

Bachelor studies

Two full-time bachelor's degrees:

Physical education and sport

  • Coaching and Sports Performance
  • Physical Activity, Recreation and Health

Physical Education with Focus on Teaching/Education

One part-time bachelor's degree

Physical education and sport

  • Coaching and Sports Performance
  • Physical Activity, Recreation and Health

Master's Studies

Three full-time master's degrees:

Human Movement Sciences

  • Sport Sciences
  • Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health, Sport and Technology

Physical Education (Teacher Training for Secondary Schools)

Doctoral Studies:

One full-time doctoral degree programme:

Human Movement Sciences

In addition to its own degree programmes, the Department teaches specialist physical education courses for the Faculty’s Master’s degree training future primary school teachers and the School Assistant degree. The Department also provides physical education courses for the preschool teacher training programme and the Special Pedagogy degree, as well as offering optional physical education courses for students from the entire University.

The Department works closely with the Human Motion Diagnostic Centre, which acts as a platform for kinanthropological research. Several of the Department’s staff are involved in researching the physical activity/inactivity of the population in the Ostrava region. Members of the Department also participate in grant-funded research projects coordinated by colleagues from other departments at the University of Ostrava and other Czech universities.

The Department organizes an annual pedagogical kinanthropology seminar.

There are close research and teaching links with universities and other institutions both in Europe (Slovakia, Poland, Spain, UK) and in the USA. The Department has two guest professors:

  • Joseph Hamill - Professor, Department of Kinesiology, University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA)
  • Gareth Irwin - Professor, Cardiff School of Sport, Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK).

The Department is closely involved with the University’s Slávie Sports Club, as well as with the TEP project, which organizes sports and leisure activities for University employees in order to promote a healthy lifestyle in the academic community. We also run a number of qualification courses for sports coaches and instructors (licensing courses) with full accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Updated: 18. 11. 2021