Department of Music Education

The Music Education Department offers prospective students a structured, three-year Bachelor's degree programme in Music Education with a focus on teaching (either for the second level of elementary school, or high school) and a structured, three-year Bachelor's degree programme in Choirmaster with a focus on teaching (high school education). The study at the Music Education Department includes instrumental and singing skills, the basics of conducting, music theory, analysis of compositions as well as the history of Czech and world music culture. The degree programmes are available as a major (includes the defence of the final thesis) and minor (without defence of the final thesis).

The follow-up Master's degree programme is implemented in three specialisations. Music Education (elementary school) within the degree programme of Teaching at the 2nd Level of Elementary School. Music Education (high school) and Choirmaster (high school) within the Teaching at High School degree programme. The study plans of the aforesaid specialisations emphasise music pedagogy and didactics, music psychology, ongoing and continuous professional practice as well as other development of singing, instrumental and choirmaster skills, and music aesthetics. The Music Education Department also provides music education in the degree programmes of Teaching at the 1st Level of Elementary School and Teaching in Kindergarten, both in full-time and combined form. The Music Education Department also has accreditation for a Doctoral degree programme in Music Theory and Education (Ph.D.).

The activity of the Music Education Department is closely related to the Regional Culture and Identity Research Centre. Some members of the Department cooperate with the Centre in the area of science and research. In cooperation with the Leoš Janáček International Music Festival, the Department organises an established international musicological biennial conference, Janáčkiana.

Updated: 11. 11. 2021