Department of Czech Language and Literature with Didactics

The Department of Czech Language and Literature with Didactics prepares future 2nd grade elementary school teachers in Czech studies. The study program is focused on the professional training of Czech teachers in the mother tongue structured into two parts: a 3-year bachelor's degree in Czech language with a focus on education, followed by a 2-year follow-up master's degree in Czech language teaching for primary schools. Both of these stages are offered as a double combination with other fields, resp. specializations, in the form of both full-time and, in some fields / specializations, combined studies. In particular, the follow-up master's study focuses on didactically oriented disciplines and internships of students in elementary schools.

In addition to bachelor's and master's studies, the Department provides a doctoral study program Didactics of Czech Language and Literature focused on graduates of master's study programs in Czech studies or Czech language and literature who want to develop theoretical expertise in subject didactics and conduct research that helps to develop didactic methods and participate in their practical implementation in schools.

The Department plays a significant role in providing language, literary and subject didactic disciplines in the master's curriculum for future primary school teachers (full-time or part-time study) and other bachelor's and master's degree programs (including programs for future preschool teachers, special pedagogical staff, etc.).

The research of the Department focuses on issues related to standard Czech, contemporary Czech language and the specifics of spoken language in relation to school, reading literacy, reading methods, literature for children and youth, changing reading practice and didactic issues of mother tongue teaching in modern schools and others). All of these specializations are summarized under the name of the research initiative named Czech in Education.

Updated: 01. 11. 2021