Department of Czech Language and Literature with Didactics

The Department of Czech Language and Literature with Didactics trains future lower secondary school teachers in Czech studies. The degree programme focuses on professional training for teachers of mother-tongue Czech, structured in two parts: a 3-year Bachelor’s degree in Czech Language with Focus on Teaching/Education, followed by a 2-year Master’s degree in Teaching Czech Language for lower secondary schools (either full-time or part-time studies). Additionally, the Department offers a non-teaching Bachelor degree in practical Czech studies, focusing on linguistic and literary communication with children and multicultural relations in the region. It also organizes practical placements at various types of schools for its students.

In addition to its Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, the Department runs a doctoral programme in Didactics of Czech Language and Literature, targeted at graduates of Master’s programmes in Czech language and literature (or teacher training degrees in Czech language and literature) who wish to develop their theoretical expertise in subject-specific didactics and conduct research helping to develop didactic methods and participate in their practical implementation in schools.

The Department plays a major role in teaching provision for linguistic, literary and subject-specific didactic disciplines in the Master’s teacher training programme for future primary school teachers (full-time or part-time studies) and other programmes at Bachelor’s and Master’s level (including programmes for future preschool teachers, special pedagogical workers, or school assistants).

The Department includes a section specializing in literature for children and young people, linguistic and literary communication. The Department’s research focuses on issues connected with standard Czech, contemporary Czech and specific features of spoken language in relation to schools, literature for children and young people, changing readership practices, and didactic issues of mother-tongue teaching in modern schools (which is undergoing changes in both content and form).

Updated: 30. 01. 2018