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Abstract ArithmeticFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English, German
Adult EducationFaculty of EducationSummer5English
Algebraic StructuresFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English, German
Aspectos psicológicos de la instrucción de la gente en el contexto interculturalFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer6Mgr.Spanish,Spanish
Assisting Pupils with Special Educational NeedsFaculty of EducationSummer5Bc.English
AthleticsFaculty of EducationSummer4Mgr.English
BadmintonFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer4Mgr.English
BasketballFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer4Mgr.English
BiomechanicsFaculty of EducationSummer6Mgr.English
Bizuteria arystycznaFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer4Mgr.Polish
Chapters from the Czech language, literature and cultureFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
Content and Language Integrated LearningFaculty of EducationSummer5Mgr.English
Course of summer activitiesFaculty of EducationSummer4Mgr.English
Creative EnglishFaculty of EducationSummer5Mgr.English
Current trends in pedagogic (educational) theoriesFaculty of EducationWinter5Mgr.English
Czech pronunciation - practical exercises for foreigners 1Faculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
Czech pronunciation - practical exercises for foreigners 2Faculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
Czech word-formation and vocabularyFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
Czynności konstrukcyjneFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer4Mgr.Polish
DanceFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer4Mgr.English
Diagnostic of cardiorespiratory function in excersiceFaculty of EducationWinter5Mgr.English
Digital PhotographyFaculty of EducationWinter4Mgr.English
Digital VideoFaculty of EducationSummer4Mgr.English
Economic HistoryFaculty of EducationWinter6Mgr.English
EconomyFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
Education in the Czech RepublicFaculty of EducationWinter5Mgr.English
Education of Individuals with Physical Disabilities and Chronic ConditionsFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer6Mgr.English
Educational Technologies 1Faculty of EducationWinter4Mgr.English
Educational Technologies 2Faculty of EducationSummer4Mgr.English
Elaboración de proyectosFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.Spanish,Spanish
Excercise and Sport PhysiologyFaculty of EducationWinter5Mgr.English
FlamencoFaculty of EducationSummer4Mgr.English
FloorballFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer4Mgr.English
FootballFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer4Mgr.English
Foreign lexical borrowings in the Czech languageFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
Gender and SexualityFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
General English CourseFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer6Mgr.English
GeometryFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English, German
Human movement analysisFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
Intercultural StudiesFaculty of EducationWinter6Mgr.English
Introduction to EthicsFaculty of EducationWinter6Mgr.English
Introduction to Psychology of ReligionFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer6Mgr.English
Linear AlgebraFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English, German
MODUL S4A - School4AllFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer20English
Marketing in EducationFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
Mathematical AnalysisFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English, German
Mathematical StatisticsFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English, German
Mathematical WritingFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English, German
Media in EducationFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer6Mgr.English
Methodology of thesisFaculty of EducationSummer5Mgr.English
Mobile Technologies in EducationFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer4Mgr.English
Module: Virtual Mobility in MathematicsFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer20Mgr.English, German
Motor control and applied statisticsFaculty of EducationWinter5Mgr.English
Movement and danceFaculty of EducationSummer4Mgr.English
Multicultural EducationFaculty of EducationWinter6Mgr.English
Multicultural EducationFaculty of Education5Mgr.English
Multimedia creationFaculty of EducationSummer6Bc.English
Music EducationFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
Musical activities, Singing in a groupFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
Nowoczesne urządzeniaFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.Polish
Numerical MethodsFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English, German
Observation Training for Lower Secondary SchoolsFaculty of EducationSummer7English
Observation Training for Upper Secondary SchoolsFaculty of EducationSummer7English
Observation training for drama education in primary schoolFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer7English
PaintingFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
Personality and Social DevelopmentFaculty of EducationWinter4Mgr.English
Philosophy of educationFaculty of EducationWinter5Mgr.English
Praktyka fachowych zestawFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.Polish
Praktyka technicznaFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer4Mgr.Polish
Presentations and Projects in EnglishFaculty of EducationWinter5Mgr.English
Profession Training in Educational and Re-education InstitutionsFaculty of EducationWinter7English
Profession Training in Lower Secondary SchoolsFaculty of EducationSummer7English
Profession Training in Upper Secondary SchoolsFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer7English
Professional training for primary and pre-primary schoolsFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer4English
Psicología de la personalidadFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer6Mgr.Spanish,Spanish
PsychohygieneFaculty of EducationSummer5Mgr.English
School Education and Special Educational NeedsFaculty of Education8Mgr.English
School Education of Romani PeopleFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
Selected methods and elements of family therapy according to Virginia SatirFaculty of EducationSummer5Mgr.English
Seminar for Reciprocal Acitivities 1Faculty of EducationWinter / Summer8English, English
Seminar for Reciprocal Activities 2Faculty of EducationWinter / Summer8English, English
Seminar for Reciprocal Activities 3Faculty of EducationWinter / Summer8English, English
Seminar in MathematicsFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English, German
Seminario de la actividad recíproca 1Faculty of EducationWinter / Summer7Spanish,Spanish
Seminario de la actividad recíproca 2Faculty of EducationWinter / Summer7Spanish,Spanish
Seminario de la actividad recíproca 3Faculty of EducationWinter / Summer7Spanish,Spanish
Singing and ConductingFaculty of EducationSummer5Mgr.English
SkiingFaculty of EducationWinter4Mgr.English
SnowboardingFaculty of EducationWinter4Mgr.English
Social EducationFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
Social Pathology and PreventionFaculty of Education5Mgr.English
Special Education/ PractisingFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer7Mgr.English
Sports gymnasticsFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer4Mgr.English
Sports trainingFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer6Mgr.English
StreetballFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer4Mgr.English
SwimmingFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer4Mgr.English
Teaching English as a Foreign Language 1Faculty of EducationWinter6Mgr.English
Teaching English as a Foreign Language 2Faculty of EducationSummer6Mgr.English
Techniki obozoweFaculty of EducationWinter3Mgr.Polish
The Globalising WorldFaculty of EducationWinter6Mgr.English
The Psychology of Human movementFaculty of EducationWinter5Mgr.English
Twórcza fotografiaFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer4Mgr.Polish
VolleyballFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer4Mgr.English
Women in ScienceFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer6Bc.English
Women in ScienceFaculty of EducationWinter / Summer5Mgr.English