Department of Technical and Vocational Education

The development of technical and vocational education is one of the key priorities of current educational policy in the Czech Republic, focusing not only on primary schools, but also on other types of schools and educational facilities. The Department of Technical and Vocational Education trains future teachers of technical/vocational education for lower secondary schools in a 3-year Bachelor’s degree followed up by a 2-year Master’s degree. The degrees encompass practical activities, technical/vocational skills, workshop skills, technical materials, electrical equipment, construction skills, home maintenance, laboratory equipment, and careers counselling. Graduates are qualified to work as teachers of vocational subjects at lower secondary level, as well as to supervise technical hobby groups at schools, children’s homes and other facilities. Our graduates also have a wide range of other career options in trade, industry and the public sector.

The Department is responding to society’s current need for a renewed focus on technical and vocational education – a field which has a long tradition in this region. As part of this focus, the Department offers part-time studies (3 years at Bachelor’s level, 2 years at Master’s level) in technical/vocational skills teaching; this is ideal for students who are already in employment. Graduates are qualified to work as practical instructors at secondary vocational schools and colleges. As part of the range of optional modules, students can choose to specialize either in trades/services or in engineering/electrical technologies. Students also acquire essential skills and knowledge enabling them to work outside the education system – in trades, industry or the public sector.

Updated: 30. 01. 2018