Academic Senate

Academic Senate - Faculty of Education
Chairperson of the Academic Senate
Mgr. Ondřej Šimik, PhD.

Department of Pre-primary and Primary Education

Vice-Chairperson - Academic Staff
PhDr. Hana Cisovská, Ph.D.

Department of Social Pedagogy

Vice-Chairperson - Students
Mgr. Jiří Skýpala


Secretary of the Academic Senate
Mgr. Bc. Hana Kubíčková, Ph.D.

Department of Special Pedagogy

Members of the Academic Senate
Staff Members
PhDr. Radim Badošek, Ph.D.Department of Pedagogy of Pedagogical and School Psychology
Mgr. Milan Cieslar, PhD.Department of Visual Arts Education
Mgr. Iva Červenková, Ph.D.Department of Education and Adult Education
RNDr. Radek Krpec, Ph.D.Department of Mathematics with Didactics
doc. PhDr. Jiří Kusák, Ph.D.Department of Musical Education
doc. PhDr. Lucia Lacková, Ph.D.Department of Pedagogy of Pedagogical and School Psychology
prof. PhDr. Josef Malach, CSc.Department of Education and Adult Education
RNDr. Ingrid Nagyová, PhD.Department of Information and Comunication Technologies
doc. Mgr. et Mgr. Alena Seberová, Ph.D.

Department of Pre-primary and Primary Education

Monika Bradová 
Bc. Pavel Brtva 
Mgr. Adam Motyka 
Veronika Prokopová 
Lukáš Weiss 

Updated: 18. 11. 2022