Department of Social Education

The Department of Social Education provides courses as part of teacher training degrees at three faculties of the University of Ostrava: the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Science, and the Faculty of Arts. It also makes an important contribution to teaching provision at other departments of the Faculty of Education:

  • the Department of Human Movement Studies,
  • the Department of Technical and Vocational Education,
  • the Department of Information and Communication Technologies,
  • the Department of Special Education,
  • the Department of Education and Adult Education.

Additionally, the Department teaches courses for lifelong learning programmes.

The Department runs degree programmes in Social Education at both Bachelor's level (3 years) and Master's level (2 years; both programmes full-time studies).

Members of the Department are involved in a range of research projects as well as lifelong learning programmes for teachers and school assistants in the region.

Updated: 23. 01. 2020