Department of Special Education

The Department of Special Education teaches courses in special pedagogy for full-time and part-time Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Special Pedagogy. The Department also teaches courses for other degrees at the Faculty of Education and other faculties of the University: School Assistant, Social Pedagogy – Prevention and Resocialization, Teaching for Preschools, Teaching for Primary and Lower Secondary Schools, Teaching for Secondary Schools, plus several other degrees with a focus on teaching/education. All of the teaching provided by the Department reflects the latest societal trends and emerging knowledge in the respective fields. The Department’s courses are designed to train future teachers to respond flexibly and expertly to the need to provide equal educational opportunities for people with special educational needs and to contribute to improvements in their quality of life.

Members of the Department play an active role in a range of research projects. Students from the Department are also directly involved in research through their Bachelor’s and Master’s theses.

Updated: 23. 01. 2020