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The formation of teacher beliefs in teachers' professional biographies in the context of their use of study resources
Project IdSGS11/PdF/2023
Main solverMgr. Bc. Tereza VAŠUTOVÁ, DiS.
Period1/2023 - 12/2023
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationThe project focuses on the issue of "Shaping Teacher Beliefs in the Professional Biography of Teachers in the Context of Learning Resource Usage" It is a follow-up to the SGS project with the theme; Learning Resource Usage by University Teachers and Students", which was implemented during the calendar year 2022. It is also a follow-up to the research investigation that was carried out in 2020 in the context of thesis development. The theses addressed the topic of the ways in which learning resources are used in relation to students' motivation to learn and in relation to students' attitudes to learning. The research investigation is also related to the SGS project with the theme; Learning Resource Use by University Teachers and Students", which was carried out during the calendar year 2022. We are investigating the aforementioned themes from a long-term perspective, and a long-term research investigation will allow us to capture the interrelationships and map the issue in a wide-ranging manner. The project will focus on teachers' beliefs not about the personality of the teacher, but in relation to teaching (How do teachers think about students, and in what ways do they support students?) We will focus on comparing how college teachers use learning resources in the context of their pedagogical beliefs. A similar approach will be taken with a group of undergraduate student teachers. We will focus on their formative teaching beliefs in the context of their approaches to teaching. Fishben and Ajzen (1975) consider beliefs as an important theme that is reflected in every area of human life related to human learning and behavior. Breen (2001) Bernat and Gvozdenko (2005) mention that if an educator knows the strategies and expectations of his/her students, he/she can design curricula and teaching practices to engage students. Li (2012) and Pajares (1992) point out that teachers' beliefs in relation to their work predetermine the educator's behaviour towards students.