Department of Preprimary and Primary Education

The Department runs the Bachelor’s degree programme training preschool teachers (full-time or part-time studies), the Master’s degree in Preschool Pedagogy (part-time studies), and the Master’s degree training future primary school teachers (full-time or part-time). In all these degrees the Department’s staff teach courses in pedagogy, natural and social sciences, drama education, and a number of other specific fields – as well as organizing practical teaching placements. In view of the high demand for these degree programmes among applicants (especially the teacher training degree for preschool teachers), the Department also offers paid studies in the form of a lifelong learning programme. The Department consists of five sections, each specializing in a key area of activity: primary pedagogy, preprimary pedagogy, courses offered across the entire University, natural and social science disciplines, and drama studies. In view of our broad interdisciplinary range, we also work closely with colleagues from other departments at the Faculty.

Research at the Department focuses on teacher training for primary and preprimary teachers (professionalization), subject-specific didactics (mainly in natural sciences, local history and drama education), and teaching didactics in general. We also research the role of children (pupils) in the education system at preprimary and primary levels.

Updated: 30. 01. 2018