Department of Mathematics with Didactics

At Department of Mathematics with Didactics, the Czech students can graduate in the study fields based on preparation of the future primary-school teachers in mathematics. In the particular mathematical courses, didactical aspects have been included. In the double-degrees, the studies are realized in mathematics with the second study field in the educational area (e.g. Music, Czech Language, English, Sports, Visual Arts etc.).

In the frame of the supported international programms at University of Ostrava, the in-comming international students can select our offered courses (in both semesters: WS or SS, 6 Credits): Seminar in Mathematics, Geometry, Mathematical Writing, Mathematical Statistics, Numerical Methods, Abstract Arithmetic, Linear Algebra, Mathematical Analysis, Algebraic Structures, as can be seen in details at Courses taught in Foreign Languages at the Faculty of Education.

Updated: 01. 02. 2021