Department of Information and Communication Technologies

The Department teaches courses in information and communication technologies (ICT) for all students at the Faculty of Education, as well as for students from all faculties at the University who select these courses.

The Department offers degrees in Information Technology in Education (at Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral levels). It also offers a Bachelor’s degree in ICT with Focus on Teaching/Education and a Master’s degree in ICT Teaching for Lower Secondary Schools; the latter degree is part of a double-major degree, offered in combination with another subject (e.g. ICT and Czech, ICT and Civic Studies, etc.).

Students at the Department regularly participate in a national student research competition, submitting their theses on information technology didactics, and they have achieved excellent results.

Research at the Department focuses on the integration of ICT into education, including personalized teaching, eLearning, multimedia, mobile devices and social networks as part of the education process.

Staff at the Department have recently been coordinating a major educational project: “Smart Helpers in Teaching: Using ICT Simply and Creatively” – which has helped to introduce mobile devices into teaching at primary and secondary schools. Staff have also participated in a range of other projects focusing on the integration of ICT into teaching. Doctoral students regularly participate in the University’s internally funded grant scheme and present their research findings at international conferences.

The Department organizes an annual conference focusing on ICT in education. It publishes the ICTE Journal, a peer-reviewed periodical that provides a valuable platform for presenting new developments in the field.

The Department also manages the computer teaching rooms at the Faculty of Education, which are mostly used for its courses.

Updated: 30. 01. 2018