Centre for Studies of European Identity

The Centre’s research focuses on European and regional identity, various aspects of European historical awareness, and the development of European political culture, including issues of coexistence in a pluralistic society. It is an interdisciplinary research centre which – in accordance with the Faculty’s regional roots – focuses primarily on issues related to the history and present day of Central Europe, an area which has always been a locus of intense intercultural contacts. There is also a strong pedagogical element in the Centre’s work, focusing on issues of intercultural education and the changing images of neighbouring nations in recently published educational materials (and their impact on the attitudes of school students).

Key areas of research:

  • the history of Silesia in the context of Central European social and cultural history
  • cultural systems and intercultural contacts in the Silesian region past and present
  • Czech-Polish relations
  • religious and ethnic communities in the region
  • historical awareness and ethnic/national stereotypes in school students

Updated: 30. 01. 2018