Students of the Faculty of Education are looking after the children of nurses and doctors

The students from the Faculty of Education are helping to look after the children of the University Hospital in Ostrava staff. They are ready to take the day care of the children that cannot attend the school during these days. Individual pedagogical work will take place directly at the children's home.

The Faculty of Education reacts to the preventative measures that have been taken because of the COVID-19 spread. Together with the Faculty of Medicine they want to help to ensure a smooth hospital working. The nurses and doctors are the ones facing a big problem when they have to stay at home with their children, while their help is much needed at the hospitals. Currently, there are approximately 380 staff members with children between 5-10 years who would be interested in the service offered by the faculty. The students are able to provide the individual care directly at children's home to prevent further contact with public and therefore limit the danger of the virus spreading. At the same time, this service will somehow compensate for the educational activities which otherwise belong to the school. This service will be aimed at the children from elementary schools.

Updated: 16. 03. 2020