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About the Department of Information and Communication Technologies in Education

KIK – abbreviation of the name of the Department used in the abbreviation of subjects taught by the Department. The List of subjects taught in English and Czech (particularly for Polish and Slovak incoming students) one finds on website pdf.osu.cz/kik, then click on Předměty na KIK, vše.

The Department provides courses in information and communication technologies (courses in information and computer literacy, educational technologies, audiovisual technology, and word processing of diploma dissertations). These courses are aimed at students of degrees in Teaching for all levels of schools, students of Education degrees, as well as combined-form students, and are attended by students from all faculties of the University. The Department also provides a series of courses for degrees in Teaching for Primary Schools – Level 2 – Technical Education: some courses focus on information technology (databases, algorithms, programming, specialized courses on working with videos and processing graphic information), while other courses focus on media literacy (working with information, media and communication). The Department also offers courses for the degree in Information Technology in Education (teaching and logistics for combined-form Bachelor studies).

The Department is accredited to teach and award doctoral degrees (PhDr. degrees and full Ph.D. doctorates).

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