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Information about receiving papers for the journal The New Educational Review

The New Educational Review journal is a joint project of the Faculty of Education and Psychology, University of Silesia, Poland, the Faculty of Education, Matej Bel University, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, and the Pedagogical Faculty, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic. It is published by the Adam Marszalek Publishing House (Poland).

The aim of this international journal is to publish papers of high quality, dealing with topics connected with sciences of education or closely related disciplines.

The New Educational Review is indexed in Thomson Reuters Journal Master List. Since 2008 it has been indexed in SCOPUS.

Editorial board

Editor in Chief

  • Stanisław Juszczyk - Faculty of Education and Psychology, University of Silesia, Poland

Associate editors

  • Josef Malach, Jelena Petrucijová, Soňa Kariková, Vojtech Korim, Zbigniew Spendel

Czech executive Editor

  • Julius Sekera

Conditions for receiving papers

According to a resolution of the international editorial board of the journal, the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of Ostrava receives only papers written by authors based in the Czech Republic.

Editorial correspondence, manuscripts for submission etc. by authors from Poland and other countries should be addressed to the Editor in Chief Prof. Dr. Hab. Stanisław Juszczyk (juszczyk@us.edu.pl) or to the Executive Editor doc. PhDr. Ingrid Emmerová, PhD. (iemmerova@pdf.umb.sk) (for authors from the Slovak Republic).

Papers written by Czech authors should be addressed to the Executive Editor doc. PhDr. Julius Sekera, CSc., Pedagogical Faculty, University of Ostrava (Julius.Sekera@osu.cz), in electronic form. Each text must be sent in two language versions (Czech and English). The authors are responsible for the quality of translations of their papers. The editor reserves the privilege to reject a paper due to poor quality of translation. Czech and Slovak reviewers of the papers send their reports in Czech and in Slovak; reviewers from other countries send them in English.

Conditions for publications of papers

As The New Educational Review is an academic periodical, all papers published there must meet professional and formal requirements related to this type of publication. Each of the articles is subject to a blind review process with at least two specialist reviewers. The Associate Editor then informs the author of the results of this process. The editorial board of the journal reserves the right to determine the conditions for publication of papers. The author must pay 150 EUR for editorial work (in national currancy CZK according to actual rate Czech National Bank). The sum should be paid to the national editor’s bank account; the account number will be sent to the author by Executive Editor.

Technical information for authors

Length of papers: maximum of 10 pages, format A4. The texts are sent in electronic form in the format Word 6.0, 95, 97 or 2000.

The Contents of each issue are available at www.educationalrev.us.edu.pl/issues.htm.

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