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About the Centre of Further Education

CDV – abbreviation of the name of the Centre.

The Centre’s activity focuses on further education and re-qualification of the general public, providing short-term, mid-term and long-term educational programs such as: Extensions to teacher training for teachers of general subjects, specialist subjects, practical training and vocational training, educators, and leisure time workers (4 semesters); Courses in special pedagogy for practical trainers, vocational trainers and educators (3 semesters); Extension studies of special pedagogy for teacher training graduates (teachers of physical education, civic studies and musical education for primary schools – Level 2); Musical education for secondary schools; Mathematics teaching for primary schools – Level 2; Specialist studies of educational management; Educational counselling for primary and secondary schools; Culture of language and communication skills; Language teaching for teachers at primary schools – Level 1 (English language); Social pedagogy (prevention and resocialization); Special pedagogy for nursery school teachers and educational workers; Courses in the coordination of information and communication technologies; Voice and singing training; Non-verbal communication; Courses for teaching assistants; Other targeted courses depending on specific needs and special interests in adult education.

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