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Characteristic features of teaching and learning resources and their potential curriculum implementation in the context of learning strategies of tertiary education students and development of critical thinking
Project IdSGS06/PdF/2022
Main solverMgr. Jarmila Kojdecká
Period1/2022 - 12/2022
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationLearning from text and learning strategies have been widely analysed so far. However, a study,which focuses on learning techniques and learning from academic resources for tertiary education students(TES), closely related to the above-mentioned research, has never been dealt with.The project focuses on learning strategies of TES using various academic resources. Adding value to the research is the focus on pedagogical academic texts being primary resources of pedagogical disciplines of TES (bachelors and HVPS´students). There is a problem, which the project would like to solve: What are the characteristics of teaching and learning resources, which are aimed at TES of pedagogical disciples and what is the potential they include regarding the development of their critical thinking?The study will analyse the content and didactic approach of the primary resources (analyses of university textbooks on pedagogy) with the aim to find out what structure and visual features the texts include, and to predict, whether the texts have a constructivist potential,i.e., if they develop and support critical thinking. The first step of the research is to create a catalogue of learning and teaching resources used in tertiary education (according to the International Standard Classification of Education ISCED-6) in the subjects taught within Bachelor´s study programmes. The next step is a didactic and content analysis of learning and teaching resources focused on the structure of the texts. Besides the main characteristic features of the learning and teaching resources, it will be crucial to find out what parts of the academic texts the students really use and how they work with them. The second aim of the research is to prepare a semi-structured interview surveying student´s attitude and learning strategies when working with academic resources.The outcomes of the project will be, apart from the analysis of the academic resources, an interview and its pilot testing on 10 participants.