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Department of Human Movement Studies - characteristics

Department of Human Movement Studies secures education of all subjects of the Human Movement Science in study programmes at the UO.

The main study programme guaranteed by the department is the Physical Education and Sport. Nowadays it has two full-time bachelor fields:

  • Physical Education Focused on School Practice
  • Recreology

And one part-time field:

  • Recreology

The Master degree study:

  • Physical Education Focused on School Practice (for secondary/high schools)

The Doctoral degree study:

  • Human Movement Sciences

There is the Human Movement Diagnostic Centre cooperating with the department. Its research activities are connected with activities of the department. There is a close cooperation in research and education with universities as in Europe (Slovakia, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom) as in the U.S.A.

At the department there are two visiting professors:

  • Joseph Hamill – Professor, Department of Kinesiology, University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA)
  • Gareth Irwin – Professor, Cardiff School of Sport, Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK)

Address: Varenská 40a, 702 00 Ostrava
Department coordinator: Ing. Martina Pavlorková
Phone: + 420 597 092 581

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