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a literatury s didaktikou
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Czech Republic

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About the Department of Czech Language and Literature with Didactics

The Department’s teaching activities are based on training primary school teachers and specialists in the field of Czech studies. The main focus of the teaching activities lies in the professional training of future mother-tongue teachers for level 2 of primary schools within a 5−year study programme, which is divided into a Bachelor degree in Czech Language with Focus on Education (3 years) and a follow-up Master’s degree in Teaching for Primary Schools Level 2 – Czech Language (both full-time study and distance study, 2 years). The Department is also involved in teaching courses for the Bachelor degree in Czech Language and Literature focusing on communication with children and multi-cultural relations within the region.

The Department participates in teaching linguistic, literary and didactic courses for 5-year Master’s studies of Teaching for Primary Schools Leve

l 1 (both full-time study and distance study).

It also teaches Czech language didactics and organizes teaching placements, as well as offering linguistic and literary courses for all students.

The Department includes a separate Section for Literature for Young People, Linguistic and Literary Communication.

Members of the Department are engaged in research projects dealing with the phenomenon of standardness, the contemporary Czech language and specific features of spoken communication in relation to school, as well as with literature for children and young people, changes in teaching literacy, and didactic problems of mother-tongue teaching within the contemporary school system, whose content and form are being reformed.

KCD is the abbreviation of the name of the Department used in the codes of subjects taught by the Department. The list of subjects taught in English and Czech (particularly for Polish and Slovak incoming students) can be found at pdf.osu.cz/kcd by clicking on Předměty na KCD, vše.

  • Address: Mlýnská 5, 701 03 Ostrava
  • Departmental coordinator of LLP-Erasmus Program: PhDr. Diana Svobodová, Ph.D.
    Phone: + 420 597 092 645
    E-mail: DianaSvobodovaosucz

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