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Centre for Studies of European Identity (CSEI)

Centre for Studies of European Identity (CSEI) presents itself as a research and educational institution.

CSEI explores European identity and its symbols in relation to the development of human resources and the European political development icluding the challenges of living in a pluralistic society.

For the period between 2007 and 2009, the main focus of the CSEI research is on the topic of "Identity - integration – politics – employment". It concerns interdisciplinary (i.e. philosophical, theological, sociological, ethical, political, economic) research in symbol/s and identity/ies with outputs for intercultural education of social groups.

CSEI offers:

CSEI aims its research activities at the academic and commercial use. It concerns especially doing research, processing the studies of practicability in the fields of social sciences and human resources. It is hoped that applied research may result in better organizing processes in the public and commercial sectors. The area of research in the academic field focuses on the innovation of study programmes, creating new study modules linked to further professional education.

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